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Sheep Auto Drafter

Product Code: G05714
Product Image: Sheep Auto Drafter

  • Visit the Sheep Auto Drafter microsite for full information
  • The Sheep Auto Drafter (EID model) includes a weigh crate with in-built antennas, integrated load cells and a three way draft module. An EID reader controller (either Gallagher SmartReader BR or SmartReader R) and an EID compatible weigh scale indicator are also required but not included. NB: Sheep Auto Drafter is compatible with Trutest and Gallagher weigh scale indicators
  • Automatic operation - drafting is a one-person operation as entry gate is controlled by machine
  • Silent - very quiet both electronically and audibly - handles EID well and sheep are not frightened
  • Sheep friendly design - high stock throughput
  • Portable - lightweight and easily transportable
  • Virtually indestructible - composite material withstands repeated sheep impact
  • Integrated control - plug in air and power and the system is ready to go
  • Improved Health and Safety for sheep and operator - no trapping points or metal bars to walk into
  • Short travel split gates for rapid capture and release of sheep at entry and exit of crate
  • Extended life - integrated stainless steel load cells for extended product life
  • Easily adjustable sides to handle small lambs to the largest rams
  • Extend drafting capability with additional drafter units. Extra Drafter units (G05720) sold separately
  • 1 year warranty on electronics and moving parts
  • For user guides, manuals and/or installation instructions relevant to this product see Weighing and EID Manuals.

Extra information
Warranty: 1 year

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