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Weigh Scale & Data Recorder W810

Product Code: G01805
Product Image: Weigh Scale & Data Recorder W810

  • Tough, shock and waterproof case
  • Large labelled push buttons
  • Large rotary dial
  • Three weighing modes for quick and easy weighing: auto, manual and fine
  • Compatible with most loadbars
  • Internal rechargeable battery
  • Large, easy to read display
  • Simple operation
  • Second LCD screen for data display and statistics
  • Backlit screen for use in sheds
  • View weight gain, graphical displays and other options on graphics screen
  • Direct interface to EID tag reader
  • QWERTY keyboard for alphanumeric IDs
  • Supplied with MyScale Pro PC software for easy download of records from, and upload of records to, the Weigh Scale Indicator
  • Calculates average daily weight gain and carcass weight
  • Assigns visual tag number against EID tag number
  • Assign up to 15 digit visual tag number against weight records and EID number
  • Animal notes stored with each weighing record
  • Draft statistics displayed while weighing for animal audit
  • Draft category stored with animal record for later analysis
  • Stores 15 digit tag numbers plus 2 digit condition scores
  • 2 communication ports for connection to computer and peripheral devices, such as animal drafters and EID tag readers
  • Backlit screen for use in sheds
  • Define your own animal traits and activities
  • Connect to automated drafters and draft up to 9 ways by EID number, weight and list
  • Multiple trait sessions for flexible data collection, faster weighing and weight gain display
  • Edit records on screen during weighing session
  • Stores 21,000 animals and 60,000 records
  • Bluetooth wireless connection for EID readers and drafters.


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Warranty: 1 year (2 years if registered online)

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