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Dairy Scale

Product Code: G07110
Product Image: Dairy Scale

  • Dairy herd weighscale for monitoring individual dairy cow performance
  • Animal EID tags scanned and weights captured then stored in memory
  • View herd statistics directly from display on scale and download to computer
    • Weight summary
      • Number of animals weighed in milking session
      • Total weight of herd in milking session
      • Average weight of herd
      • Highest weight in herd
      • Lowest weight in herd
    • Weight distribution graph of herd
    • Average weekly weight gain graph of herd
    • Average weekly stats
      • Up to 10 week period display of average animal weight in herd
  • View individual animal statistics directly from display on scale and download to computer
    • Scroll through list of individual animal weights and tag numbers
    • Search for individual animal by VID number
      • Graph displays weight of animal over defined period
      • Average weight of animal over 10 week period displayed
  • Set alarms for individual animal monitoring
    • Missing animal alarm
    • No EID tag read alarm
    • Weight loss alarm
  • Animals held on platform for static weighing using MANUAL mode
    • stores 2000 static weight records
    • display weight statistics from static weighing session
      • Number of weights
      • Total weight
      • Average weight
      • Highest weight
      • Lowest weight
  • Myscale Pro computer program supplied with scale
    • Download stored records from Dairy Scale to computer
    • Save session files on computer for record security
    • Edit sessions
    • Edit EID and VID associations
    • Analyse data using Session editor
    • View session statistics 
      • Weight distribution graph
      • Weekly average weight of herd graph
      • Weekly average weight of individual animal graph
      • Copy alarm list from scale and view alarm activations
  • Includes: Dairy Scale indicator, platform set, R1300 Smart reader, power supply and Myscale Pro computer program        
  • Platform Features:
    • New concrete slab surface
      • Engineered slabs for maximum performance and extremely long life (patent pending)
      • Non slip and very quiet in operation
      • Cannot rust or corrode (unlike steel or aluminium)
      • Similar surface appearance to Dairy entry and exit race for improved animal flow
      • Individual slabs can be lifted by one person for ease of installation
    • Reduced width platform set to facilitate fitting inside existing exit race
    • Simple race bolt down assemblies with concrete screws under platform eliminates protruding
    • New Stainless steel IP67 grade loadcells for long life under harsh dairy conditions.


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Warranty: 1 year

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