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XDI Screw-in Insulator

Product Code: 025510
Product Image: XDI Screw-in Insulator


Improved screw-in insulator with unique advantages over traditional black screw-in insulators.

  • Much stronger due to new technology.
  • More robust due to metal core.
  • Chance of short circuit zero due to new design.
  • Suitable for (poly) wire in combination with wooden post.
  • Stronger, longer lasting and more efficient
  • Extra-sharp point for easy Broad leakage rings screw-in
  • Precisely-centered metal core eliminates the risk of shortcircuits
  • Orange plastic indicator for optimal conductivity
  • Broad leakage rings
  • More power to your fence with a Gallagher insulator

Extra information

Product Variances
025510Pack of 25
025527Pack of 125

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