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PowerPack Battery 9V

Product Code: 048588
Product Image: PowerPack Battery 9V


Environmentally friendly alkaline 9 Volt battery for use with 9V battery powered energizers.
Alkaline Batteries gives you up to 30% better performance than Air Oxygen batteries.

Always use Alkaline batteries to ensure optimum performance of your energizer

  • Extra long life
  • Constant, high power output
  • Eco-friendly: no cadmium or mercury
  • Maintenance free

For information on how to dispose of energizer batteries, click on the following links:
Free Recycling Waste Management Act 1996
Irish compliance scheme for electrical and battery recycling

Important Note: All waste batteries must be recycled and should not be placed in your waste disposal or recycling bins.

Gallagher Power Fence Ireland is a member of WEEE Ireland REG No: 1368B

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